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Take An Audio Tour

Take an audio tour of the the JFK Tribute with a special Introduction by Bill Paxton.



On the cold, rain-soaked morning of November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy awoke well prepared to speak to an eager Chamber of Commerce breakfast audience in downtown Fort Worth, Texas. But first he was scheduled to speak to thousands who had waited in the rain outside the Hotel Texas (now the Fort Worth Hilton) to hear the President. Each speech was remarkable. And each became historic beyond expectation.

These remarks were to be his final public speeches, imbuing the Fort Worth visit with extraordinary significance. This was the last time the nation heard the 35th President of the United States speak, and his themes on that historic day are as relevant today as they were in 1963.

To recognize the significance of these moments, the importance of his vision and the impact of his leadership, a public-private partnership in Fort Worth recently completed a decade-long effort to create a permanent exhibit to honor Kennedy.

The JFK Tribute in Fort Worth has at its center a heroic scale bronze sculpture of President Kennedy, created by the late Lawrence Ludtke. The sculpture is placed within an elegant granite plaza featuring photographic displays and selected quotes from a number of JFK’s historic speeches.

Visitors may experience the Tribute via a guided audio tour accessible by a mobile phone application and web-based educational materials, assuring worldwide access to remarks he made that day, events that occurred in Fort Worth and the geo-political challenges faced by the U.S. President at that time. Archival film of his visit and details that further explore how his ideals even now provide guidance and inspiration to generations are also available.