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The Committee

Taylor and Shirlee J. Gandy

Bob Bolen and Jim Wright
Honorary Co-Chairs

Karen and Larry Anfin
Henry and Becky Borbolla
Buzz and Ruth Brightbill
Roy and Jennifer Brooks
John Allen and Sue Chalk
Jeff Davis
Kay Granger
Doug and Judy Harman
Bob and Linda Herchert

Leland and Kaye Hodges
Erma Johnson Hadley
Stan Kennedy
Louella Martin
Bob and Nancy Mitchell
Len and Laurie Roberts
Pollard and Deborah Rogers
Terry and Jude Ryan
Jerry and Judy Sawyer

Bob and Ann Semple
Bob Simpson
Jim Spaniolo
Sonny Sra
John Stevenson
Bill and Lyle Thornton
Marc and Tonya Veasey
Vaughn Vennerberg
Joy Webster
Gary and Julie Wilson